SookEe Designs adds ruffles, flair and a lot of pizzazz to everyday items! From skirts and aprons to capes, bags and pillows, creating a unique style mixing fun fabric and patterns for any occasion.
Hi! Thanks for stopping by. I wanted to introduce myself. SookEe was my name given to me in the orphanage I lived in as a baby. I was lucky enough to be adopted and came to the United States at a young age. I didn't always sew, in fact, I was really bad at it when I first started. Thanks to a good friend and a few lessons, I started to love sewing. After some encouragement from Jen over at Banner Events, SookEe Designs was born. I volunteer in the PTA at my children's school. I have 5 kids. I love to eat - potato chips and salty things are my weakness.

I really love creating new items and mixing fabric patterns in a unique way. I hope to be able to design something for you. I also love cooking, card making, story telling and serving in my community and church.

Be sure to send me an email and let's see what we can create.