Super Hero Birthday Party

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Capes, Masks and Backdrop created by SookEe Designs

I have this amazing friend. She has perfect hair, a beautiful face, great taste in clothes and she is funny. I mean the laugh till you pee your pants funny. She's been that way since birth. I know because we have known each other that long. She does not, however, like birthday's. I decided that it was time to change her mind. Each year I try to think of something fun that we can do. I mean it's your birthday. It only happens once a year. It's the one day to be a little like your kids. We ship our kids off - oh...did I mention that we are both moms of the most adorable children. Yes. They are quite adorable. Back to my story. We ship the kids off and have a couple days celebrating her birthday. It may include shopping, presents, super hero capes, masks (sometimes tiara's) and delicious food (mostly homemade) and games from our childhood. We have such a great time. I think that once a year we need a little break.

We were both single moms - both previously married, both divorced, neither one of us thought we ever would be. Each of our husbands decided we weren't good enough and they didn't want us. It's been almost three years for me and I have been lucky enough to find an exceptional man that loves me (two months of marital bliss). But enough about me...back to the Super Hero party.

My friend is a super hero in my mind. She runs her own successful advertising agency, has two great kids, is our resident beauty queen, has travelled the world, reads incessantly and still balances being a single mom with work. She is constantly on the go either with her kids, work or for her church calling. I like to spoil her a bit every year and I really look forward to planning something fun. This party was even featured on Anders Ruff Custom Designs. Birthday's don't just have to be for the kids anymore!

Printables from Anders Ruff Custom Designs