Tooth Fairy Pillow

Thursday, August 16, 2012

My six year old is brave, strong, fearless, creative and oh so funny. She has been telling me for the last six months that her tooth was loose. Each time I checked - it wasn't, but she insisted that it was. Yesterday, she told me again her tooth was loose. This time it was! Hooray. She then informed me that she wanted to pull it out and I was not allowed to help. I said she was brave and strong, right? A few minutes later she emerged from the bathroom with the tooth in hand and a hole in her mouth. I had to make a tooth fairy pillow for her, so I whipped this up. She loves it, I love her and the tooth fairy brought a new toothbrush and $1.00 for her first tooth. 

A New Bag

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

I made this bag for a friend's daughter. It's her scripture bag to take to church. I think it could be used for other things too! I am now making one for my kids as well.

The flower is removable

Inside two pockets one for pencils the other...for whatever you choose. 

Soaring to New Heights

Monday, August 13, 2012

I recently designed little girl skirts for a back-to-school photo shoot for Bird's Party Magazine. The theme: Soaring to New Heights was perfectly captured by photographer extraordinaire, A Fresh Take Photography. Jen of Banner Events really knows how to style a shoot. I was honored to be included in such a fun event. To see more details be sure to click here and check out pages 80-85!